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207.) Gépajtók - Aircraft's doors, Prop Airliners, Crew, EXIT mechanics, Stewardesses, Emergency Safety Card, Tito DC-6

Gépajtók - Aircraft's doors, Prop Airliners, Hydroplanes' Crew, EXIT mechanics, Stewardesses, Emergency Safety Card, Tito DC-6

Transitioned from 184.) Airliners, doors 18+20.01.2018. Uploaded: 100%:
above: NoHigher! Furniture from door
aboveNoHigher! Boeing KC-97 'Stratotanker' door
 aboveNoHigher! Ilyushin IL-114 turboprop airliner   belowMedRes! Schema draw

above: HiRes! Ru. cyrillic text Cutaway Drawing Key
above & below: NoHigher! Ilyushin IL-114 cargo

Below: Some Old Timer - Vintage Aircraft

above: NoHigher! Vintage Airliner in American Airlines  source: Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up Exp. PPS
above: NoHigher! First Stewardesses (BAT or UAL ?)
aboveHiRes! UNITED AIRLINES FirstStewardess   photo by: AVIATOR International magazine: Leslie Angyal "Angel" László aviator photographer & chief editor  source: facebook/Angyal László - Angel Wings Solution Kft. - Ltd.
aboveMedRes! Prague - Praha - Prága - Kbely aviation museum - repülőmúzeum 1923.
aboveMedRes! Kbely photo by 2015.: Kizmus Szabolcs had. 2015.

aboveNoHigher! #Steampunk #Vintage attendant Lédy Carneval of the also passenger Director

aboveNoHigher!  Wright brothers legacy - The #BREMONT "Wright Flyer"

aboveNoHigherSteampunk artwork: Wooden-Brass "Nemo" Sub passing door from Victorian era.
aboveNoHigher! The American Western Passenger retro from fashion Runway to Ford   source:  photo: Hermes
above: MedRes! #Ford 'Trimotor' later 1920's Entry door  
above: HiRes! Ford  by:
 above: MedRes! Ford by Robert Burns 8407 on ground  by:
 belowMedRes! flickriver
above Two: NoHigher! Ford "Trimotor" vintage photos: Central Airlines
aboveHiRes! Ford 'Trimotor' "Citi of Port Clinton" on Oshkhos Air Show  photo by: "Second Focus" Ian L. Sitren   source: Hu. Google G+ collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up expert.

aboveMedRes! #Ford-Trimotor    

above: MedRes! Ford-5 AT-B 'Trimotor' 1926  source:
   above: HiRes! Cyrillic text Cutaway - Komponochnaya    below: NoHigher! Three view Ford 3-motor
aboveMedRes! Ford-Trimotors at Japan Air Transport Co. Ltd. advertising poster
aboveNoHigher! Fokker Byrd's Arctic North Pole Expedition  source: Deutsche Hobby magazine 1960 Mai Nr.5: from legacy of  R.I.P. VBKM eng. Miller József 

above & belowNoHigher! Hungarian, Dutch made Fokker F.VIII airliner late 1920's
above: NoHigher! Fokker-F.VIII Hungary
aboveMedResCutaway Fokker F. XX, trimotor de pasajeros de los años treinta con fuselaje mas estilizado que el de sus antecesores de sección cuadrada conservando la gruesa ala caracteristica de Fokkrer, contaba con el adelanto de tren de aterrizaje retractil que mejoraba mucho sus prestaciones y aspecto general mucho mas limpio, autor ilegible compartido desde la cuenta Flickriver de kitcner.lord: source:   

aboveMedRes! F.VII  3 view    belowNoHigher! Fokker F.VII

aboveNoHigher! English Handley Page H.P.42 in Imperial Airways "Heracles" 1928.
The Handley Page H.P.42 and H.P.45 were British four-engine biplane airliners designed to a 1928 Imperial Airways specification by Handley Page of Radlett in Hertfordshire.The H.P.42/45 were the land-based backbones of Imperial Airways and along with the airline's later flying boats are well remembered. Eight were built, four of each type; all were named, with names beginning with the letter "H". The three survivors were pressed into Royal Air Force service at the outbreak of the Second World War. No lives were lost in civilian service (a record thought to be unique for contemporary aircraft) but by 1940, all aeroplanes had been destroyed.  ...
aboveMedRes! Corrugated Iron Romantic young Kate Upton? - Hullámlemez R.   source:
above: NoHigher! Focke Wulv FW 58 "Weihe" MALÉRT HA-FOA "Zsélyi Aladár" at Budaőrs Bup.'s IAP     belowNoHigher! Boeing-247 early 1930's
The Boeing Model 247 was an early United States airliner, considered the first such aircraft to fully incorporate advances such as all-metal (anodized aluminium) semimonocoque construction, a fully cantilevered wing andretractable landing gear. Other advanced features included control surface trim tabs, an autopilot and de-icing boots for the wings and tailplane."Ordered off the drawing board", the 247 first flew on February 8, 1933 and entered service later that year. Subsequently, development in airliner design saw engines and airframes becoming larger and four-engined designs emerged, but no significant changes to this basic formula appeared until cabin pressurization and high altitude cruise were introduced in 1940, with the first pressurized airliner,

Juci'bacsi's collect: Hu. book:  Szentiványi Jenő: 'Párbaj a Levegőben' 1955.  belowMedRes! 'Kurta 'Egy repülőkutya története' - ?  also Coourtesy FREE!

aboveMedRes! German #Nazi #Reich-Führer #Adolf -#Hitler's Ju-52   source: facebook

above: NoHigherDeutsche flugzeuge Ju-52-3m
above: NoHigher! Royal Hungarian MALÉRT "vitéz Szentkirályi Dezső" Ju-52-3m  by:

aboveMedRes#MALÉRT "#Endresz György#Ju-52 3m HA-JUF in #Budaőrs International #Airport of #Budapest.     

above: NoHigher! MALÉRT "vitéz Kaszala Károly" HA-JUA on Budaőrs  in backround: DC-3

aboveNoHigher! Gov., VIP acf.-aplne of Hu. Governor: #vice-Admiral Vit#Nagybányai #Horthy Miklós altgngy. Magyarország #Kormányzójának gépe "(Ittebei-) Kiss József" HA-DUR

aboveMedRes! Luftwaffe Ju-52 over Krete in para action - Kréta fölött
above: Juci'bacsi's collect: MedRes! AIRFIX-72 scale Ju-52 box cover
aboveNoHigher! Supplyier Ju-52 on Demjansk airfields in Soviet Eastren Front.
above & belowNoHigher! Junkers Ju-52/3m "Tante Ju"s wrecked condition

aboveHiRes! Luftwaffe vintage Junkers Ju-52/3m "Tante-Ju" during para competition. Stading from Right: ret. para.Maj. Méhész "Méhecske-Bee" Sándor nyá.eje.őrgy. Left side:?? also Hu. para Major. -facebookMéhecske

aboveMedRes! Ju-52/3m crew door  photo: Christian Kieffer    belowNoHigher! another "Tante Ju"

Die Junkers Ju 52 (Spitzname: „Tante Ju“) ist ein Flugzeugtyp der Junkers Flugzeugwerk AG, Dessau. Das heute alsJu 52 bekannte Flugzeug ist die dreimotorige Ausführung Junkers Ju 52/3m aus dem Jahr 1932, die aus dem einmotorigen Modell Ju 52/1m hervorging.

aboveMedRes! Ju-52 LUFTHANSA
aboveNoHigher! Destination the CreteIrány Kréta
aboveNoHigher! JU-52/3m Jennelle Gilreath & amp; Junker by jetguy
above: MedRes! Juci'bacsi's collect: Schweizer Verein 'Ju-Air' chocolate " Suchard Milka "'s Ju-52

MedRes! 'Speyer' Technik Museum Germany: 'Tante Ju' Ju-52 "Berlin Tempelhof" D-AQUI flughafen  photo: Kizmus Szabolcs had. source: facebook

aboveMedRes! Swiss plane HB-HOT germany firma RIMOWA's Ju-52M3
belowNoHigher! Famous Brazilian model, Alessandra Ambrosio beside "#Tante-Ju" for '#Rimowa'.

above: NoHigher! Eva #Herzigová cz. topmodel 1992. is coming into the retro scene

Cz. text: Eva Herzigová Svou kariéru modelky začala v roce 1989, kdy zvítězila v pražském konkurzu agentury Metropolitan Models a odjela doPaříže. V roce 1994 se prosadila ve světě módy a díky reklamě na podprsenky je nazývána Miss Wonderbra a novináři označována jako „Marilyn Monroe Východu“.  ...

above: HiRes! y friends AVIATOR's member Hu. 'Motorfalke' "#Nordkapp" pilot Kulman Sándor (He is living in GFR) in Ju-52 Dessau 2015.: On the wall painting shows #Clark Gable & ??   belowNoHigher! Photoartist Leslie Angyal "Samuel" László former chief Editor of AVIATOR Magazine.

aboveMedRes! Karte of FRG Germany - Ju. werke Dessau under Berlin direct to Halle.
aboveHiRes! Juci'bácsi's 'Olympus' photo at Budapest LHBP 'Ferihegy-II' Terrminal-B 2004: above: A320 DLH - Deutsche Lufthansa "Dessau" during in towing operation for departure - Vontatási művelet az induláshoz.
above: HiRes! Ru. text: Komponovochnaya Shema - Cutaway of Ju-52/3M   source: aviadejavu
aboveHiRes! Russian cyrillic three view drawing mof Ju-52/3m g5e   source: aviadejavu
above Two & below: Juci'bacsi's scan coll.: NoHigher! Junkers Ju-52/3M "Tante-Ju" LUFTHANSA memorial.
Junkers "Tante Ju" 6818-1 Automatic 
ETA Valjoux 7750-, önfelhúzós, 25 köves, svájci gyártmányú 
zafír kristály, 
ezüst színű számlap fekete számokkal / markerek 
dátum és nap nevének kijelzése
vésett "hullámlemez" stílus 
rozsdamentes acél tok, korona védő, 
átmérő: 42 mm 
vízálló 10 atm
aboveHiRes! photo: Angyal fotó: BRD - NSzK Dessau Ju-52/3mg4e Al. corrugated tin - alu. hullámlemez  Werk. Nr. 6134
aboveHiRes! "The civilian passenger of the LH Ju-52" inside wave-tin/Corrugated iron
above: HiRes! Ju-52 in Dessau museum
 aboveNoHigher! The renegade 'Hi Jack'-er Amazon with 'Colt' pistol during action
aboveHiRes! The IWC watches team Ju-52's pilot escapes from before Amazon through upper Emegency hatch - A gép pilótája a felső vészkijáraton menekül a gépeltérítő Amazon elől.

above: Swiss Made #IWC #Schaffhausen Pilot's watches: LeftMedRes! "#Top-Gun" Automatic Chronograph - Stopwatch    RightMedRes! "Top Gun Miramar" kronográf és stopper

IWC Schaffhausen is one of the leading luxury watch brands.
Die IWC International Watch Co. AG ist eine Schweizer Luxus-Uhrenmanufaktur. Das in Schaffhausenansässige Unternehmen gehört seit dem Jahr 2000 dem Schweizer Luxusgüterkonzern Richemont und beschäftigt rund 650 Mitarbeiter. IWC ist die Abkürzung für International Watch Company. Die Uhrenmodelle bieten unter anderem Funktionen wie Gangreserve, Mondphase, Minutenrepetition,Tourbillon und einen ewigen Kalender. ...
above: NoHigher! Yugoslavian Air Force - Jugoslovensko Ju-52 (Serbo-Croatian: Jugoslavensko ratno vazduhoplovstvo, Југословенско Ратно ваздухопловство)
above & belowMedRes! German DLH's Junkers Ju-90 (Deutsche LuftHansa)
aboveNoHigher! Junkers Ju-290 Luftwaffe cargo freighter
above: HiRes! Focke Wulf FW 200 'Condor' cutaway drawing key with Scandinavian text

above: HiRes! FW 200  Cross section drawing and layout - alaprajz   below: NoHigher! lo.

above TwoNoHigherFocke-Wulf FW.200 "Condor" V3 Reichführer Adolf Hitler's Reisemaschinen

above & below Three: NoHigher! Hughes H-4 'Hercules' Spruce goose huge experimental hydroplane

aboveNoHigher! Pan American Flying Boat Boeing 214 "Yankee Clipper"

aboveNoHigher! Happy Hollywood's ikon, MM - Marilyn Monroe lands to sand of beach

 above: HiRes! PANAM Boeing 314 'Clipper' over San Francisco bridge "Golden gate"

above & below: NoHigherOn the beach  below: 18+  photo by: David Dubnicskij 
above: NoHigher! #Hawiian #Yankee-Clipper

aboveNoHigher! After night bad at beach-port of "Clipper" Miss Canada Blondy in "Palmatex" bikini swimmsuit!  source: Wow!

above: NoHigher! 'Clipper's cockpit

aboveNoHigher! Boeing-314 wing catwalk to motors for board engineer-mechanic - kúszófolyosó
above: MedRes! Cutaway graphics: Boeing 214 Yankee Clipper
above: NoHigher! During porting action - kikötésben

above: MedRes! Boeing 'Honolulu Clipper' PAA  Hawaii by Flying Clipper Pan American Airways System

above: NoHigher! Badge of PANAM Junior Clipper Stewardess
above: NoHigher!  Short "Sunderland" in port of Plymouth 1945.    belowNoHigher! Museal

NoHigher! above: "Fantasy of Flight" -Trimble-    below: "Cambria"  by:
aboveNoHigher! artwork with English 'Sunderland' & car type 'Delahaye'
above: NoHigher! RAF Patrol & ASW 'Sunderland'

aboveHires! Quality drawing sheet about 'Imperial Airways London' 'Short' "Sunderland"

above: MedRes! Cutaway Drawing Key of Short Shandigram/Sunderland
aboveNoHigher! Germany Dornier Do-24 'Flying Boat'.
En. text: The Dornier Do 24 is a 1930s German three-engine flying boat designed by the Dornier Flugzeugwerke formaritime patrol and search and rescue. According to Dornier records, some 12,000 people were rescued by Do 24s during its flying career. A total of 279 were built among several factories from 1937–1945.
De. text: Die Dornier Do 24 war ein dreimotoriges, hochseefähiges Fernaufklärungsflugboot, das 1937 zum ersten Mal flog. Ursprünglich für die Niederlande gebaut, wurde es bis in die 1970er-Jahre vor allem zur Seenotrettungeingesetzt. Noch heute fliegt eine modernisierte Do 24 ATT.
above: NoHigher! NAVY's Consolidated PBY-5A 'Catalina' seaplane amfybia  source: pinterest
above MedRes! Bowe Model "Warthunder"
above & belowNoHigher! 'Catalina' "Lanseaire" in the rear compartment behind the wing
aboveNoHigher! Love in Catalina  source:
aboveHiRes! PBY cutaway drawing key
above: NoHigher! Cyrillic text: Soviet Navy's "Katalina" KM-2 by 'Land-Lease'- Catalina five view
 NoHigherabove: Martin "Mariner" Mk.162 with 'Emerson' ballturret    below: Avmars
above: NoHigher! Wow18+ World famous Czech/Cestina modelká by Push-Bra, Eva Herzigova by Vincent Peters
Grumman HU-16 "Albatros"    aboveMedRes!     below Two: NoHigher! Door & Inside
above: Juci'bacsi's scan coll: MedRes! Grumman HU-16B "Albatros" Spain AF's amfybia
above: Juci'bacsi's scan coll: MedRes! CL-215: S.U. Zarubeshnoje-Voennie Obozhrenyie Mil. Review: Canadair CL-215 amfybia: Fire Fighting & S.A.R.  - Idegenhadsereg Ismereti kiadvány   also Courtesy FREE!
above: HiRes! English cutaway Spanish S.A.R.   belowHiRes! CL-215 Entry door
aboveNohigher! Canadair CL-215 Firefighting variant amfybia
Remark: The DHC-6 "Twin Otter" Transfered toDoors of VIP-privates Aircraft:
aboveMedRes!  Budaőrs LHBS mixed airfield in early 1960's  source:
aboveMedRes! Hu. MALÉRT S.M.75 HA-SMD on Bup. Budaőrs International Airport   below: NoHigher! photo by: Tóth Gyula

aboveNoHigher! MALÉRT Savoia Marchetti S.M.75 "Marsupiale" (Tóth Gyula)

aboveNoHigher! Italian S.M.75 'Ala Littoria' - S.A. profile artwork

aboveNoHigher! ALITALIA Savoia-Marchetti S.M.75 "Marsupiale" airliner   belowLeftNoHigher! S.M.83   RightNoHigher! Hu. RHAF S.M.75 in Pápa airfield WW-Two: Hu. text: Vitéz Bertalan Árpád őrgy. vezette eje.z. a délvidéki bevetésre szállnak be. - Go to Vojvodina!

aboveMedRes! SM.82 MUSAM-SIAI MARCHETTI S82,1939    belowNoHigher! model
 aboveNoHigher! Savoia Marchetti S.79T "Sparviero" airliner
MedRes! S.M.79 "Sparviero" - "Sparrow" - "Veréb"   below: Bomber version
aboveNoHigher! FIAT G.12 rear section Hu. Szolnok
above: MedRes! G.12 Sfondo' I-DALA in ALITALIA - Aerolinei Italiano  by:
aboveNoHigher! FIAT G.12 "Alcione" ALITALIA 
aboveMedRes! 'Air-Art Graphics' Juci'bacsi's artwork: Poster of HuAF 70 years old.
aboveMedRes! Air Art's HuAF 75 years old Poster A0 issued Hu.Mod. "Zrínyi" publisher -Budapest- 2013.

#Comics - #Képregények

below: DC-2/3/C-47, Li-2
above: NoHigher! Douglas label - címke from MALÉV DC-3 HA-TSA

aboveNoHigher! Hu. Pencil Graphic Artist 2016.: Miss Turbuk Noémi; Hu. MALÉV Li-2 in Night IFR  (Instrument Flight Rules) landing - ÉBIV (Éjszaka Bonyolult Időjárási Viszonyok között) műszeres leszállásban.

aboveLeftMedRes!  RightMedRes!  UNITED Airlines DC-3: Heide Lindgren for Guess by Marciano Spring-Summer 2011 Ad Campaign  source: Hungarian Google G+ collector: above & below: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up expert    below: HiRes! Douglas DC-3 'Dakota'

aboveNoHigher! Aussie - Ausztrál-ai vintage VH-TMQ Douglas DC-3 "Dakota"    belowNoHigher! Air Hostess Pennsylvania  Central

below Two: MedRes! American Airlines' Flagship Stewardesses   
aboveNoHigher! Douglas DC-2 SE-BAA A.B. Aerotransport - Swedish Air Lines    below: United Airlines      belowNoHigher! TCA - Trans Canada Airlines:  Steward's child.   RightMedResMarshall Field American plane, 1942. Vintage flight_attendant 1940s
aboveNoHigher! Carole Landys by DELTA

aboveMedRes! DC-3s; Left: United Airways  Check in.   Right: TWA - Beszálló ellenőrzés

aboveLeftMedRes! DELTA Airlines with 'Coca-Cola's bag   RightMedRes! artwork with vintage TWA's DC-2 or 3      belowNEW+NoHigher! Book: Silver Wings for Vicki By Helen Wells 

above & below: NoHigher! 'Mattel's "Barbie" as airline's crew & Stewardess doll

below: Left: MedRes! Love-Story under shadow of Dakota     RightMedRes! Douglas C-47 'Skytrain' - "The Berlin Train" with Latexer Steampunk

aboveMedRes! Watched other amazones team. photo: Connecticut Rhose Island Ri Massachusetts Ma Pin Up Photoshoot WW-II Military Airplane Plane. They are signaling something with flag to Him - Valamit jeleznek a zászlóval Neki  source collect: G+ Google Bányiczki Zoltán

above: Juci'bacsi's coll.: MedRes! Jiří Hanzelka & Miroslav Zikmund in South America, in Ecuador. DC-3 Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana.    below Two: HiRes! Ecuador / Equator map from this book.

J. Hanzelka-M.Zikmund: Tatra T-87, Tatraplan:
Espanol text: La Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana (FAE) es, junto al Ejército y la Armada, una de las tres ramas de las Fuerzas Armadas de la República del Ecuador. La historia de la aviación militar ecuatoriana tiene sus más remotos orígenes en 1912 pero fue iniciada oficialmente el 27 de octubre de 1920 (95 años) con la creación de la primera escuela de aviación militar, posteriormente y tras una trayectoria, a veces accidentada, logró un desarrollo institucional notable siendo una de las pocas fuerzas aéreas de la región latinoamericana que ha desarrollado combates internacionales (contra Perú en 1981 y en 1995) sin contar los conflictos internos en los que participó.
above: HiRes! Ecuador Maps from Hanzelka Book

above: NoHigher! Aquarell artisty paintings 
 above: NoHigher! artisty painting: TWA's revolutizied air flight by DC-3 over San Francisco bridge  'Golden Gate' at 'Marin Headlands'
above: NoHigher! TWA's stewardess Pin-Up by Russian Pin-Up artist: Tatiana Doronina

above: NoHigher! NC17314 "The Lindbergh ..."  collector: Ken Stoltzfus,      below: Left: MedRes! PinUp    RightMedRes! United mainliner loading mail baggage

aboveNoHigher! C-47 Aircraft Boneyard, #Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, #Tucson, #Arizona

aboveHiRes! 87th Troop Carrier Squadron Douglas C-47 Skytrain "Drag-em-oot."    source: Hu. Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Goggle G+ collector
above: NoHigher! Ralph Malcolm Warner, 1902-1966. Fly TAA the friendly way. Trans Australia Airlines  original source: National Library of Australia  source:

above: NoHigher! Australian TAA DC-3

aboveNoHigher! Aussie 'Qantas' Airlines' DC-3 navigator site   photo: Allen Vial
above: HiRes! KLM DC-2 "Good  Year" uiver PH-AJU engine start up lelystad

aboveNorwegian Dakotas: MedRes! 60 ar.     belowHiRes! Douglas DC-3 Dakota Norway LN-WND "Warbirds of Norway" foundation, Norwegian Kjeller Airfield close to Oslo East, memorial - FotoVeteranian AirShow summer of 2014. Canon EOS 60D Photo: Hu. veterany aviator MiG-21 avionics mechaniker: Steve Ürmös István Veszprém

aboveNoHigher! Norge Oslo - Kjeller airfield Veterany Aviation day 2015. © GLOBALVISION - Veszprém: Ürmös-photó

above & belowNoHigher! by:

above: HiRes! Norwegian DC-3 cockpit at Kjeller  photo by: Hu. Steve Ürmös István -Veszprém- Global Vision
aboveHiRes! Cuckoo egg - Kakukktojás Gemma Nicholas Model in the cockpit of USAAF C-47  Photo: Mark Greenmantle  source: Google G+ Collector: Bányiczki Zoltán
above: MedRes! Italian Air Force museal C-47 S.A.R.- Search And Rescue?

aboveHiRes! Aeroflot Li-2 World Airline "Skytrax" award 2017 - Аэрофлот в шестой раз поучил ... омпания Восточной Европы  source: Hu. Google collector Bányiczki Zoltán G+

aboveNoHigher! Kelsey's AA 82nd Airborne/Parachute division: Become a Paratroper Enlist!

above: NoHigher! DD C-47  Photo: Christian Kieffer  source:
above: NoHigher! Pin-Up by Dollhouse     belowHiRes! Kjeller moments Ürmös photos
aboveNoHigher! Kjeller AF "Sights from beyond."  photo:

aboveHiRes! USAF Aeronautical Enroute/Operational chart 1970's: Norwegian aerodromes mand it's Approach area: Oslo-Fornebu old IAP & to right: Kjeller aeroclub airfield.   source: The University of Texas at Austin, Libraries

aboveNoHigher! USAF AC-47 "Snoopy"
above: MedRes! Rear view of  'Gunship'
aboveHiRes! Douglas C-47 "Skytrain" four-view linedrawing    below: NoHigher! Vintage Cutaway
above: NoHigher! Jean Walther - KLM Douglas DC-3
aboveHiRes! airliner Douglas DC-3 "Dakota" cutaway drawing - röntgenrajz

above: NoHigher! Paul and Louise Blackah: Douglas DC-3 Dakota: Owners' Workshop Manual by publisher, 'Haynes'

aboveHiRes! Russian cyrillic Komponovhka - Cutaway drawing of Douglas C-47 "Skytrain"
aboveMedRes! Juci'bacsi's scale 1:72 English made 'Airfix' box cover coll.: Douglas DC-3 "Dakota"/C-47 "Skytrain" on D-Day para mission     belowNoHigher! Paras.

NoHigherabove: Pics by: 'Smithsonian' National Air & Space Museum   below: RAAF
above: MedRes! Rear area

aboveHiRes!  belowNoHigher! D-Day C-47 Dakota. Onboarding practice by US ARMY's 101st Airborne division's para regiment "Screamingt Eagles" - "Vijjogó Sasoka 101-es Légiszállítású hadosztály ejtőernyős ezrede. artist painter: Robert Taylor  source:

aboveNoHigher! "Night of Nights" for 101st paramen
above: HiRes! Normandy cosplaying event: RAF C-47  photo by: 'Aviator' Angel - Angyal László/facebook
above:  HiRes! C-47 graphics artwork. South American ( Colombia?)
aboveNoHigher! The rear door on Right? or Li-.2 camo for movie or the photo is horizontal inversed/flippered? - oldalban tükrözött?
above: NoHigher! C-47-pinups time to jump  by: warbirdphotographer
below: In C-47's door;  LeftMedRes! US  Airborne Piun-Up Girl   RightNoHigher! WASP's Ladies
aboveHiRes! (Horizontal Cropped due maintain good resolution!) Miss Cherry Jo Candie model with Finnish Airlines Douglas DC-3 OH-LHC  Photo: Maria Pelagea  PHOTOGRAPHY   source: Hu. Google G+ collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up expert
above & belowNoHigher! Warbird's Pin-Up in door  photo: Christian Kieffer
aboveHiRes! Allied Forces' C-47 from back during "D-Day" Normandy  source: Pinterest

above: MedRes! TWA - Trans World Airlines DC-3  source: Hu. Bányiczki Zoltán Pin-Up Exp. PPS
above: NoHigher! Vintage Airways similar to Virgin Atlantic
above: MedRes! Hu. Heritage 'Gold Timer' Lisunov Li-2 MALÉV HA-LIX in 2017. - Hotel Alfa - Lima India eX-ray  source: Hu. collector: Mr. Dr. (Ph.D.) ret. Col. "HawkHéjja István ny.ezds. ZMKA
MedRes! MALÉV's out of service Li-2 in Budapest X. ker. Mázsa tér - square, "Kis Pilóta" - "Little Pilot" cukrászda - conditieri   source:
aboveMedRes! Former Yu. airliner, Hu. MALÉV DC-3 it was captured from Yugoslavia after MiG-15bis intercept action in Hu. FIR early 1950's. LHBP 'Ferihegy' appron 1960's. Not Li-2!

aboveMedRes! Air France 'Champagne' Airline Pin-Up. Bloch-220 -> jude Marcel Bloch = Marcel Dassault     below: A Bloch 220 on the ground in front of the terminal at Le Bourget – with passengers walking to and from the aircraft with hats on! (All photos Air France Museum Collection unless stated).

Below: Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3/C-47 lisense), IL-14

aboveHiRes! Lisunov Li-2 in HuAF late 1960's. MN.1936. 89th Cargo Aviation squadron at LHSA Szentkirályszabadja mil airfield, close Veszprém. - Hu. text: MN1936. A MN 89. Szállítórepülő század: Janka Karcsi hagyatékából. Még mindíg Li-2. Cselovszki, Mészáros, Kovács S., Hegyi, Rábavölgyi, *Szegszárdi Béla (későbbi CsREPk.h. ezds.), Lakos, Lohn Jani, Janka, Gulyás L., Kovács Z., Guggol: Kiss Sanyi., Bíró Laci., *Kovács László/Lajos törm.,?*Varga Lajos, Páli, Tóth J.,  source: facebook: ret. avn.WO2 Horváth "Buci'bácsi" István nyá.rep.zls. fed.Rád & Szu-22M3 special Mechanic: Hűen az eskühöz, hűen a zászlóhoz, hűen a hazához! csoport  *Jav.: Győri János nyá.alez. A Magyar Légierő Katrasztrófák: "A Magyar katonai repülés 60 éve. (1945-2005)" többi történeti könyv szerzője (ha, már a repülősök és a facebook csoportjaik nem tudták megtenni) Nagy Tisztelettel & Köszönettel! Blogger

aboveMedRes! #Lisunov #Li-2 (#C-47 lisense) "Teve" - "'#Camel" in Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Légierő - MLE) Cargo at #Szentkirályszabadja airfield in 1960's. The best tailest Right close to airframe, was Col. Szegszárdi  "GólemBéla rep. ezds. volt CsRPk.h.  belowNoHigher! Hu. paramen

above: Juci'bacsi''s Olympus "Camedia" photo: HiRes! 2007 Szolnok Aviation Museum
Cyrillic text: aboveMedRes!   belowMedRes! Polar - Arctic Li-2s CCCP
Лисунов Ли-2 — советский военно-транспортный самолёт, производство которого было начато в 1942 году вТашкенте на базе пассажирского самолёта ПС-84 (1939), созданного, в свою очередь, на базелицензионного производства американского Douglas DC-3.
aboveNoHigher! Hungarian MALÉRT DC-3 (from captured Yugo. by MiG-15 intercepted action) HA-TSA  after chatastrophic     belowNoHigher! Before departure onboarding MALÉV HA-LIB Li-2 LHBP 'Ferihegy' early 1960's   source:

aboveNoHigher! Лисунов Ли-2 - Liszunov Li-2 Left side emergency & package door

aboveNoHigher! Upper: Li-2s Passashirskogo Samolet: Passzazirzskava Szamoljot PSz-84  HA-LIX "Kármán Tódor" (former w. famous aviatik-aerodinamic expert) with Hajdú "Fedő"-"Cover" Karcsi'bácsi karbantartásával Budaőrsön az 1990-es években.     belowUpper Lower:  others three: GTA's Li-2

above: NoHigher! Li-2 parachute version 

aboveHiRes! Details and size of Service door
above & belowHiRes! 'Sunflower' "Kármán Tódor" GTA's Li-2's service door/Emergency Exit
aboveMedRes! Ferihegy-II Skanzen Li-2.  Photo: Kizmus Szabolcs hadszt.  2016.
above: MedRes! In Russian avia museum
above: NoHigher! Li-2 in Praha - #Kbely museum
aboveMedRes! Aircraft Graveyard - Géptremető: Li-2 Russian painter: Kryzhevsky Yan Julianovich  source: Erdős Norti cikke
aboveMedRes! A MALÉRT Li-2 HA-LIW Zalaegerszegen 1959-ben -facebook-
aboveMedRes! Goldtimer Li-2 in Normandy occasion of D-Day Celebration 2014

aboveMedRes! Only one flying vintage former and MALÉV's aircraft Li-2 around the World nowadays, the Hungarian "Gold Timer" Foundation in Budaőrs LHBS. from Left; Captain: Krauth Péter former MALÉV captain on B-737, civil drapp suit: Leonov Péter founder, Sallay István copilot & two stuwy.     below MedRes! HA-LIX inside passenger area.

above: NoHigher! HA-LIX over  downtown Budapest city - belvárosa felett ca. 2010. aug. 20.

above & belowNoHigher! Li-2 LHBP "Ferihegy" IAP before departure.

above: NoHigher!   below: MedRes! Li-2s on Budapest 'Ferihegy' IAP - Nemzetközi Repülőtéren
aboveHiRes! Soviet cyrillic Manual cutaway about fuselage - röntgenrajz a törzsről
aboveHiRes! Hu. text: Lisunov Li-2 cross-section - hosszmetszete.   
above: MedRes! Original layout     belowMedRes! Detail
En. text: The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84, was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3. It was produced by Factory #84 in Moscow-Khimki and, after evacuation in 1941, at TAPO in Tashkent. The project was directed by aeronautical engineer Boris Pavlovich Lisunov.  ...
Hu. text: A Li–2 (oroszul: Ли–2, NATO-kódja: Cab) az amerikai DC–3 szállító repülőgépnek a Szovjetunióban licenc alapján gyártott változata. Típusjelzése először PSZ–84 volt. A Moszkvamelletti 34. sz. Állami Repülőgépgyár (GAZ–34) és az 1941-ig Himkiben, majd azt követően Taskentben működő 84. sz. Cskalov Repülőgépgyár (GAZ–84) gyártotta. A licenc-gyártást Borisz Liszunov szervezte meg. Első változatát négytollú légcsavarral felszerelt Svecov AS–62IRcsillagmotor hajtotta, a későbbi példányok háromtollú légcsavarokat kaptak. A DC–3-tól eltérően a katonai szállító változaton a szárnyak alatt bombazár, a törzs felső részén, forgatható toronyban beépített géppuska kapott helyet. Magyarországon a Néphadseregben Teve néven állt szolgálatban.  ...
NoHigher! above: original Li-2 graph by: Mikhaila Petroskogo  from Tachnic Youth   below: MAH
aboveNoHigher! Vickers VC.1 "Viking" Central African Airways VP-: British Overseas Territories
The Vickers VC.1 Viking was a British twin-engine short-range airliner derived from the Vickers Wellingtonbomber and built by Vickers-Armstrongs Limited at Brooklands near Weybridge in Surrey. In the aftermath of the Second World War, the Viking was an important airliner with British airlines pending the development of turboprop aircraft like the Viscount. An experimental airframe was fitted with Rolls-Royce Nene turbojets and first flown in 1948 as the world's first pure jet transport aircraft. ...
aboveMedResDetail Part of 'Air Art Graphics' HuAF poster - Részlet Juci'bácsi MLE plakátjából
aboveHiRes! Ru. text Ilyushin IL-12 floorplan and door. (Az Iljusin Il-14's elődje - precedessor)

aboveMedRes! Ил-14 ОКБ С. В. Ильюшина - Seirgei Ilyushin
Hu. text: Szergej Vlagyimirovics Iljusin (oroszul: Серге́й Владимирович Илью́шин (Oroszország, Gyiljalevo, Vologdai kormányzóság 1894. március 30. (az akkori orosz naptár szerint: március 18.) – Moszkva, 1977. február 9.) orosz/szovjet repülőgéptervező mérnök, akadémikus, tiszteletbeli vezérezredes. A róla elnevezett repülőgéptervező iroda alapítója.  ...
above: MedRes! ČSA IL-12 OK-DBN & "Zetor" towing tractor   below: CCCP Arctic
aboveNoHigher! AEROFLOT Il-12s at Budapest LHBP 'Ferihegy' appron - előtér in 1955.  source:
aboveMedRes! Soviet Polyarnaya Aviatsya - Polar Aviation IL-12  source:
aboveMedRes! Military IL-14T 1956. october, november due Hungarian Revolution by artist Basil Zolotov     below TwoMedRes! PolAF V.I.P. Il-14P  profiles
aboveHiRes! 200 dpi. Size A4 / A3? Veszprém, HuAF HQ Poster from 2005. First serie of multy types posters. Juci'bacsi's 'Air Art Graphicsalso Courtesy FREE!
aboveNoHigher! DDR NVA-AF IL-14    belowMedRes! Ilyushin IL-14 linedrawing

aboveMedRes! Ильюшин Ил-14 -  Ilyushin - Iljusin IL-14 interior to rear/stern

above: NoHigher! Rear section with auxiliary Fuel tank -  Üzemanyag Póttartállyal
Hu. text: Az Il–14 (olvasd: iL-14, NATO-kódja: Crate) a Szovjetunióban az 1950-es évek elején kifejlesztett kétmotoros, kis hatótávolságú szállító repülőgép. Az Il–12 továbbfejlesztett, javított változata. Polgári és katonai szállítási feladatokra egyaránt alkalmazták. A Szovjetunión kívül Csehszlovákiában, a Német Demokratikus Köztársaságban és Kínában is gyártották.

Ru. text: Ил-14 (по кодификации НАТО: Crate — «Ящик» или «Контейнер») — советский ближнемагистральный самолёт. Разработан в конце 1940-х годов для замены устаревших Ли-2 и Ил-12 Первый полёт Ил-14 совершил 13 июля 1950 года.  ...

aboveNoHigherDesktop model about Deutsche Lufthansa DM-SAL (DDR)
 Ilyushin IL-14: aboveMedRes! AEROFLOT
above & below: HiRes! IL-14 passenger's Emergency doors  photo by: Pavel Photography
aboveMedRes! Polish LOT - Linie Lotnicze  IL-14 at LHBP "Ferihegy" early 1960's: french famous actress Simone Signoret színművész és & Her housband - férje Yves Montand actor & sanzon singer. source:
above: MedRes! IL-14 LHBP MSzMP party leaders: Kállai Ferenc, ??, Dobi István, Kádár János, ??,. Hu. text: „Az aktatáskás alak Kádár János. Utálta a repülést, inkább két napig ment Moszkvába vonattal. Ilyenkor Záhonyig le volt zárva a vasúti pálya.” (Fotó: FSZEK Budapest Gyűjtemény - Sándor GyörgyFORTEPAN source:
aboveMedRes! Hu. MALÉV IL-14 at "Ferihegy" LHBP's Appron - Előterén

NoHigherae-bw: Hu. text: "Repülő" lendkerekes lemezjáték repülőgép IL-14 FLIMIGy - Győr - Hu. made Flywheel tin toy early 1960's   below: DDR Flugzeug Modellbaukasten kit I had got it

aboveNoHigher! MRT archív   source: facebook / MALÉV retro
aboveMedRes! Avn. mech. St.Sgt. Zvada Tamás ftőrm. hel.mech. LHPA SAR Service collector: 1960's  Lemezárúgyár - Győr- Tin-Toy factory flywheeled tin IL-14 MALÉV - Magyar giközlekedési Vállalat.   source: facebook - Zvada Tamás   I had got it and I love it!

aboveNoHigher! DC-7 American Airlines tin-toy flywheel plane model - Lendkerekes lemezjáték

aboveNoHigher! DC-6 SAS (Danish, Norge, Finnish) LN-LAG {Norway ID - lajstrom}
above: NoHigher! DC-6 PAA  source:
above: NoHigher! UNITED DC-6 Stuwy

aboveNoHigher! Mamie Van Doren    belowNoHigher! DC-6/7 Pin-Up Girl and backround is the one EMERGENCY EXIT door - és a háttérben egy VÉSZKIJÁRAT ajtó

above & below: NoHigher! Robert Alvarado's Pin-Up Girls
above: NoHigher! Belgian SABENA advert
The Societé Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, (French; "Belgian Corporation for Air Navigation Services"), better known internationally by the acronym Sabena or SABENA, was the national airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001, with its base at Brussels National Airport. After its bankruptcy in 2001, the newly formed SN Brussels Airlines took over part of Sabena's assets in February 2002, which became Brussels Airlines after a merger with Virgin Express in March 2007. The airline's corporate headquarters were located in the Sabena House on the grounds of Brussels Airport in Zaventem.  ...
above: NoHigher! TAROM - Transporturile Aeriene Romíne - Roumanian Air Transports
Ro. text: S.C. Transporturile Aeriene Române S.A. (TAROM) este principala companie aeriană din România, cu o îndelungată tradiție în domeniu. Compania Tarom este controlată în proporție de 96,7% de Ministerul Transporturilor, ceilalți acționari fiind SIF Muntenia, Compania Națională Aeroportul București Otopeni și ROMATSA. Este membru al alianței Skyteam.
Compania avea o cotă de piață de 34% în anul 2007 și aproximativ 30% în anul 2008.
În anul 2010 a transportat 2,2 milioane de pasageri.
În 2015 Tarom a transportat 2,39 de milioane de pasageri și mai beneficia de o cotă de piață de 22%  ...
aboveNoHigher! DC-6 /C-54A 755-Saga_TF-IAL
Hu. text: A C-54 "Skymaster"-ből a DC-4-esen és a DC-6-oson keresztül kifejlesztett DC-7C "Seven Seas" (hét tenger) a dugattyús motoros utasszállítógépek végső megtestesülése volt. Az első felszállását 1955-ben végrehajtó gép 60-105 fő utas befogadására volt képes a túlnyomásos kabinjában. Bár a sugárhajtóműves utódai, pl. a DC-8 felülmúlták, de teherszállítóként még a 60-as években is repült. forrás: " A repülés története."  Philipp Jarret PANEMEX és GRAFO Budapest kiadó 2001
above: NoHigher! DC-6 three view linedraw
aboveNoHigher! American Airlines Douglas DC-6    belowMedRes!  Left: TCA Trans Canada Air Lines   Right: Scandinavian SAS "Viking"

aboveNoHigher! disbanded Yugoslav President & Marshal: Josip Broz Tito pic in LIFE magazine

above: NoHigher! Tito's DC-6B YU-AFB: Now one of the world's greatest attractions, in fact, the plane that once belonged to Josip Broz Tito, until he got bored! In fact, formally was owned by JAT, but was used only for the purposes of lifelong Yugoslav president .JAT got it in 1958. Immediately after Tito had ordered the plane converted into a luxury aircraft that would be used by him and his famous guests. source: Balkan War History
NoHigher! above: United's DC-4 or 6     below: United's advert

aboveHiRes! Advert Poster of  American Airlines   source: Hu. G+ Bányiczki Zoltán PUG-E.
aboveNoHigher! Red Bull's DC-6B nose

above Two :Juci'bacsi's OLYMPUS "Camedia" photoHiRes! "Hangar Seven" - Österreiche-Austria Salzburg: Douglas DC-6B former Yugoslavian president-marshall Josip Broz Tito's VIP airliners  

aboveNoHigher!     below: Red Bull's stewardesses: MedRes! - Bonfortionoes

aboveMedRes! DC-6B FB Spotter-photo at "Air-Power"' Airshow at Austrian Zeltweg Ö.AFB

aboveNoHigher! #Red-Bull-Flying Bull's DSC-6B in front of 'Hangar Seven' Au. Salzburg Int. Airport
aboveMedRes! Österreiche, Salzburg 2015.07.19 flug mit 'RedBull' DC-6 from Hangar-7    belowMedRes!  source:
aboveHiRes! Sarah hot Stewardess Upskirt behind Hangar-7 door   source: Hu. Google G+ collector: Mr. Banyiczki Zoltan Pin-Up Girl expert_
aboveHiRes! Aviation Photoartist Leslie Angyal László former chief Editor of AVIATOR Magazine 2015. RedBull Air-Race in Budapest over danube river. I was last the deputy Chief Editor
aboveMedRes! DC-7 fuselage station diagram
aboveHiRes! DC-7C "Seven Seas"   HD - Cutaways
aboveNoHigher! The renovating of the 'Red Bull's DC-6B

aboveHiRes! #Douglas #DC-6B #HD #Cutaway #drawing #key #sheet

Juci'bacsi's collect: aboveNoHigher! Hu. book:  Szentiványi Jenő: 'Párbaj a Levegőben' 1955.  belowMedRes! Title: "Duel in the sky" Fedőlap - Cover - Youth Publisher  also Coourtesy FREE!

above: HiRes! These are Iberias airline hostesses, theyre not flight attendants and certainly not-stewardesses

above: NoHigher! DC-6B: 1946. Iberia (Espanol) Uniform had something vaguely nautical about it.

above: HiRes! Vintage Surface Sweeper before UAL DC-6  source: Hu. collector: Bányiczki Zoltán
above: NoHigher! PAA - Pan American Airlines' DC-6 cargo door
aboveMedRes! ALITALIA DC-6

above: NoHigher! Emergency Exit    below Two: Inner details: MedRes!
aboveHiRes! DC-6 cockpit   source:
aboveMedRes! AAM DC-6

by Silver Sreen Images
aboveHiRes! DC-6 with the object of Her jealousy USMC's aircrew: Scarlette Saintclair  photo by: SilvaFilm   source: Google G+ Hu. Collector: Mr. Bányiczki Zoltán
above: NoHigher! DC-6  photo:    source:
above: NoHigher! DC-6 Flight Attendant by Photobilly
aboveNoHigher! AA Ameriucan Airlines DC-7 stewardesses

above: NoHigher! LUFTHANSA bordservice at "Connie"

aboveMedRes! #Hollywood's-Star: #Marilyn-Monroe from downn steps from #TWA "#Connie" - "#Columbia"

aboveMedRes! Hollywood staractress Elizabeth Taylor prepares for onboard on stair in to 'Connie'  source:    belowMedRes! Playboy 1956. Jayne Mansfield the Hollywooder sexbomb goes out from swimming basin  source: PPS - Playboy

aboveMedRes! Hu. text: 1961 április 28-a a Hollandia elleni 3:0 VB selejtezőre induló magyar csapat - Football selectioned branch before World Cup in Nederland.

aboveNoHigher! TWA-Trans World Airlines    belowLeftMedRes! Lockheed L-1047 'Connie'+Boeing B-52 'Stratofortress' "Buff"   RightMedRes! US. NAVY "Blue Angels" Aero Acrobatic Team

aboveNoHigher! Lockheed Constellation C-121A MATS - Military Air Transport Service
aboveNoHigher! Lockheed L-1047 'Constellation' - "Connie" TWA    belowNoHigher! Pinterest
aboveNoHigher! Beautiful TWA's Lockheed Constellation in the background  source: Pinterest
above: NoHigher! TWA Hostess, Judy Neumann with 'BRECK' hair care advert
NoHigherabove: Advert of NORTHWEST Orient Airlines.   below: 'Connie' PANAM "Clipper"    

aboveMedRes!  Sorry! Air France's 'Wininger' comics booklet  from 1980's  belowMedRes! "Les Ailes du Reve" -Wininger- publisher Cover & back from Pariser fan graphics artist friend "Újlaki Steve" former kitchen sef in Paris Hu. ambassador    belowHiRes! HD Colorized Cutaway of L-1047 "Connie".
above: NoHigher! Publisher  paquet  Romain Hugault's "Pin-Up Wings"  source:
Hu. text: A Lockheed Constellation a Lockheed Corporation által kifejlesztett négymotoros, alsószárnyas, túlnyomásos törzsel ellátott utas- és teherszállító repülőgép. A Constellation az 1950-es évek egyik leghíresebb repülőgépe. A típusból – beleértve a Super Constellationt is – 856 darabot építettek 1943–1958 között. Polgári és katonai célokra egyaránt használták. A USAF részére C–69 és C–121 típusjelzéssel gyártották. ...

De. text: Die Lockheed Constellation (englisch umgangssprachlich: „Connie“) ist ein viermotoriges Propellerflugzeugmit Kolbenmotoren, das Anfang der 1940er Jahre auf Anregung des Milliardärs Howard Hughes von Lockheedin Burbank (Kalifornien) entwickelt wurde. Die im Februar 1946 erstmals im Linienverkehr eingesetzte Constellation war nach der, von 1938 bis 1940 nur zehnmal gebauten, Boeing B-307 das zweite Langstrecken-Verkehrsflugzeug, das sowohl mit einer Druckkabine als auch einer Klimaanlage ausgerüstet war.
Sie war das Grundmodell der äußerst erfolgreichen Constellation-Baureihe, die 1950 über die Super Constellation führte und 1956 mit dem Starliner endete. Der Typ wurde sowohl in der Zivil- als auch in der Militärluftfahrt eingesetzt und kam als Transportmaschine bei der Berliner Luftbrücke und als Regierungsflugzeug (Air Force One) für US-Präsident Dwight D. Eisenhower zum Einsatz. ...
above: HiRes! Ru. cyrillic Cutaway Drawing Key - Komponovka of 'Super Constellation'
The Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp is a twin-row, 18-cylinder, air-cooled radial aircraft engine with adisplacement of 2,800 in³ (46 L), and is part of the long-lived Wasp family.
The R-2800 is considered one of the premier radial piston engines ever designed and is notable for its widespread use in many important American aircraft during and after World War II. During the war years, Pratt & Whitney continued to develop new ideas to upgrade this already powerful workhorse, most notably water injection for takeoff in cargo and passenger planes and to give emergency power in combat.  ...

belowNoHigher! 'Breitling's "Super Connie" on Fairford 'Air Tattoo' june 2013.    belowHiRes! Breitling Connie's Crew in 'David Clark' headphones  source: Google album: Bányiczki Z.

En. text: Breitling SA (German pronunciation: [braɪtliŋ]) is a luxury Swiss watchmaker based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling in 1884 in Saint-Imier. Breitling is known for precision-made chronometers useful to aviators.
Hu. text:Breitling S.A. egy független svájci óragyártó vállalat, amely kivételes minőségű és felszereltségű luxus- és sportóráiról ismert. Órái legfőképp a légi- (Navitimer, Aerospace) és vízisportok (Aeromarine) szerelmeseit célozzák meg, de a prémium kategóriás szerkezetekre (Breitling for Bentley) is legalább ugyanúgy fókuszál. A márka hivatalos főtámogatója a népszerű Red Bull Air Race-nek, melyen külön csapatot is indít Nigel Lamb-el az élen.

aboveNoHigher! Swiss Breitling S.A. since 1884.-   below: "Blue Sky"

aboveMedRes! Beautiful painting: Paris 'Orly' aerodrom

above & below Two: MedRes! Swiss 'Breitling' (watches) Team Lockheed L-1047 "Super Connie" in Budapest, Csepel-island Tököl LHTL airport former Soviet VVS and HuAF Air Base in july 2014. occasion of 'RedBull' airarce over Danube-river in Bup. downtown.  photo by Szüle Zs.

aboveMedRes! The photographer: 'Saudia Cargo' B-747 Capt. Hu. Szüle Zsolt former ATC Controller after 'Sky Europe' Airlines B-737 Hu. Chief Pilot and sport flyer source: facebook

aboveNoHigher! "Clipper" PANAM 'Connie' & Stewardess

Juci'bacsi's collect: Hu. book:  Szentiványi Jenő: 'Párbaj a Levegőben' 1955.  above & belowMedRes! "Üzenet mindenkinek: gépünk motorja lángol": 'Constellation'  also Coourtesy FREE!

above: NoHigher! Air Canada's 'Connie' Stewardess
aboveHiRes! Star of Switzerland -'BREITLING- Lockheed L-1049G 'Super Constellation' HB-RSC  photo by: David Snowdown photography
aboveMedRes! L-1047 "Kukucs!"    belowNoHigher! Wow! Top Secret!

aboveMedRes! USS "Constellation"-"Csillagzat, Csi-gok állása" sailor - matróz WW-1st.

aboveHiRes!-Blur! AA - American Airlines' Boeing B-377 "Stratocruiser" Stewardess, circa 1949-50, American Overseas, Flaghip in Denmark

above Three: MedRes! World famous Deutsch & American singers & actress: Marlene Dietrich during on - off boarding      below: NoHigher! Advert for #Los-Angeles by BOAC by #Marlene-Dietrich.

above MedRes! Boeing B-377 'Stratocruiser' from British B.O.A.C. G-ANUB

aboveNoHigher! "Clipper America" B-377 Lower Entry Door   source: pinterest
aboveNoHigher! B-377 'Stratocruiser' Bone-yard David-Montain AFB
above: NoHigher! PANAM 1953.    belowHiRes! "SztratocirkálóRöntgen - Cutaway
above: HiRes! 'Straocruiser' cutaway from  LIFE  magazine
above: HiRes! Douglas C-133A 'Cargomaster' cutaway  source:
aboveMedRes! Convair XC-99 in_flight circa 1948.
aboveNoHigherConvair CV-340/440 "Meteropolitan", United at Chicago Midway Airport, 1955.   LIFE Magazine
aboveNoHigher! UNITED's Convair CV-128 cutaway
aboveNoHigher! Convair CV-128      belowNoHigher! NORTHEAST Airlines
Hu. text: Az amerikai Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft (Convair) cég egy két hajtóműves típuscsaládot fejlesztett ki a DC-3 "Dakota" leváltására. A Model-240 első felszállása 1947. májusban volt, majd ezt követte a Model-340 1951-ben majd egy évvel később szolgálatba is állt. forrás: " A repülés története."  Philipp Jarret PANEMEX és GRAFO Kft. Budapest kiadó 2001.

above: NoHigher! Wonderbilly Silkstone Secretary OOAK dressed in vintage 'Mattel's "Barbie" doll American Airlines Stewardess

aboveNoHigher! Finnair Convair CV-440 "Metropolitan" 1953-1980
Suomi text: Finnair on suomalainen lentoyhtiö, joka harjoittaa reitti- ja lomalentoliikennettä niin koti- kuin ulkomailla. Yhtiö perustettiin 1. marraskuuta 1923 nimellä Aero O/Y. Finnair on maailman viidenneksi vanhin edelleen toimivista lentoyhtiöistä. Finnair-konsernin toimialoja ovat reitti- ja lomalentotoiminta, tekniset ja maapalvelut, catering-toiminta, matkatoimistoala sekä matkailualan tieto- ja varauspalvelut. Finnair-konsernin palveluksessa työskenteli vuoden 2013 lopussa noin 5 800 henkilöä. Finnairilla on ollut pitkään etuoikeus Venäjän ilmatilan käyttöön, joka perustuu alun perin Suomen ja Neuvostoliiton solmimaan ja sittemmin Suomen ja Venäjän jatkamaan kahdenkeskiseen ylilentosopimukseen. Sopimus edellyttää, että suomalaisten omistusosuuden Finnairista tulee olla yli 50 prosenttia.
aboveMedRes! Landing with opened door over, "Princess Juliana" International Airport St. Martin/Maarten in Caribbean area.
above: NoHigher! Juliana IAP airport chart
aboveMedRes!  Belgian SABENA CV-440  Right: Melsbroek Pass on Board
The Societé Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, (French; "Belgian Corporation for Air Navigation Services"), better known internationally by the acronym Sabena or SABENA, was the national airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001, with its base at Brussels National Airport. After its bankruptcy in 2001, the newly formed SN Brussels Airlines took over part of Sabena's assets in February 2002, which became Brussels Airlines after a merger with Virgin Express in March 2007. The airline's corporate headquarters were located in the Sabena House on the grounds of Brussels Airport in Zaventem.  ...
Convair CV-440 "Metropolitan"  aboveMedRes! AA - American Airlines "Flagship Boston" -Famous Aviation Postcard-     belowNoHigher! VW 'Karmann-Ghia' fashion photo with Lufthansa's Convair. 
aboveNoHigher! Vickers "Viscount" Austrian     belowNoHigher! Vickers "Viscount" 'British Eagle' G-ATOU
Hu. text: A világ első turbópropelleres szállítógépe a Vickers "Viscount" "a Báró és a Gróf közötti rang", 1948. július 16-n szállt fel először. A 4 db. 'Rolls-Royce' "Dart" gázturbinás gép  már a kezdektől gond nélkül üzemelt. Az 1964-ig gyártott típus változatait több mint 60 légitársaság használta.   forrás: "A repülés története."  Philipp Jarret PANEMEX és GRAFO Budapest kiadó 2001.

aboveNoHigher! Viscount-61 airline Laurence Kking Publishing Yatzer  (The left: Young prime minister Margaret Teacher?)    belowAudrey Hepburn reads beside Emerg. Exit.

above: NoHigher! Beside site Emergency Exit Window: above: #Audrey  #Hepburn   

Audrey Hepburn (/ˈɔːdri ˈhɛpˌbɜːrn/; born Audrey Kathleen Ruston; 4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993) was a British actress. Recognised as a film and fashion icon, Hepburn was active during Hollywood's Golden Age. She was ranked by the American Film Institute as the third-greatest female screen legend in Golden Age Hollywood and was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. Born in Ixelles, a district of Brussels, Hepburn spent her childhood between Belgium, England and the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, she studied ballet with Sonia Gaskell before moving to London in 1948, continuing her ballet training with Marie Rambert, and then performing as a chorus girl inWest End musical theatre productions. ...
above: NoHigher! TAA Australian Brochure page: Thorough EEW Over Sidney city's bridge over bay.     belowMedRes! In Vickers works in production
Vickers "Viscount" aboveMedRes! BEA     belowNoHigher! Museal: French 'Air Inter'
aboveNoHigher! Vickers Viscount-807 G-CSZ By East Midlands Aeropark, beauty restorationed Cockpit competition.

 aboveMedRes! 'Air France's Viscount    belowNoHigher! Ansett - Ana's Viscount - Vickers Armstrong (Aircraft) Limited

aboveMedRes! Vickers-748D "Viscount" 'Air Rhodesia' VP-YNC Wheatley

NoHigherabove: Vickers "Viscount" 707
 MedResabove: Vickers Viscount-701    below: Viscount-810   FLIGHT INT. 
above: MedRes! 'Viscount' passenger area graphic by:  FLIGHT   I N T E R N A T I O N A L

above: NoHigher! 810's door

above: NoHigher! Viscount 814 FALLER assembly
aboveNoHigher! Vickers Viscount's stewardess & Vickers VC-.10 on air, Right backround: Bristol "Brittania"  Trevor Mitchell
above: MedRes! Viscount over river Thames - Temze London city 'Tower' bridge
above: Juci'bacsi's scan coll. from 1965: MedRes! Hu. text: Vickers "Viscount" cockpit - "Egy modern forgalmi gép vezetőfülkéje"

above: NoHigher! Juci'bacsi scanned from late 1960's hu. magazine  photo: Tupolev Tu-114 "Rossiya"

above: HiRes! Same as Photo than below  source:

aboveNoHigher! Tu-114 at Bup. LHBP 'Ferihegy' IAP    below: MedRes!

aboveMedRes! Half of paper Cutaway
above: NoHigher! Tu-114 on USA AFB 'Andrews' Nikita Hrushchev
En. text: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (15 April 1894 – 11 September 1971) was a Sovietstatesman who led the Soviet Union during part of the Cold War as the First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964, and as Chairman of the Council of Ministers, or Premier, from 1958 to 1964. Khrushchev was responsible for the de-Stalinization of the Soviet Union, for backing the progress of the early Soviet space program, and for several relatively liberal reforms in areas of domestic policy. Khrushchev's party colleagues removed him from power in 1964, replacing him with Leonid Brezhnev as First Secretary and Alexei Kosygin as Premier.  ...

Ru. text: Ники́та Серге́евич Хрущёв апреля 1894, Калиновка, Дмитриевский уезд, Курская губерния, Российская империя — 11 сентября 1971, Москва, СССР) — советский государственный деятель. Первый секретарь ЦК КПСС с 1953 по 1964 годы, Председатель Совета Министров СССР с 1958 по 1964 годы. Председатель Бюро ЦК КПСС по РСФСР с 1956 по 1964 годы. Герой Советского Союза, трижды Герой Социалистического Труда. Будучи первым секретарём Московского горкома и обкома ВКП(б), входил по должности в состав тройки НКВД СССР по Московской области (с 10 по 30 июля 1937 года).  ...
above: Hrushchev & Putin  AFF 

above: NoHigher! chief designer Andrey Tupolev under Tu-114 in New York with PANAM ladder/stair

Ru. text: Ту-114 «Россия» (по кодификации НАТО: Cleat — «Зажим») — турбовинтовой дальнемагистральный пассажирский самолёт, спроектированный в СССР в 1955 году на основе бомбардировщика Ту-95. Производился в 1961—1965 годах на серийном заводе № 18 в Куйбышеве. Всего был построен 31 экземпляр серийных самолётов.

aboveNoHigher! Preparation in Monino VVS museum close to Moskva. You can see the service door to left from Board engineer's round window.

aboveMedRes! Aeroflot - JAL  Tupolev Tu-114 "Rossiya" at Tokyo 'Hadena' IAP. Sextant equipped with pilygonal cover proof glass dome.

above: MedRes! АЭРОФЛОТ Туполева ТУ-114 - Tupolev Tu-114 "Rossiya" huge Aeroflot-JAL airliner on Japan, Tokyo - 'Hadena' IAP

aboveMedRes! Tupolev Tu-114 "Rossiya" AEROFLOT at Japan, Tokyo "Haneda" IAP early 1960's

Aviation Oktants & Sextants and Astrodomes:
above: NoHigher! Antonov An-10A 'Ukraina' Oleg Antonov chief designer

aboveMedRes! An-8 mix
aboveHiRes! Juci'bacsi's prepared artwork of 'Air Art Graphics' from fragmented minjured rawings: Soviet/Ukrainan Antonov An-8 "Camp" 1956. Cargo Airfreighter - Cutaway cross-section ЧЕРТЕЖИ И СХЕМЫ also Courtesy FREE!
aboveMedRes! Oleg Antonov (Ukrainan) An-8     below: S.U. An-12  Left:  MerdRes!  with BRDM-1 - БРДМ-1  RightMedRes! APA Ural-375 Aerodrome Electric Supply Vehicle
aboveMedRes! An-12 cargo space direect to rear ramp 
above: NoHigher! An-12 with nose art shark yaws     below: HiRes! An-12PS
aboveHiResUpper: Ilyushin IL-14T 1956. october- november Hungary due Revoilution.   downster: Antonov An-12 "Cook" in Chkaloskaya VVS'-AFB 1963 - Cskalov LB
aboveNoHigher! Lockheed Prototypes    belowMedRes! C-130 Good old atr Jan-Mayen island

Transport to the island is provided by C-130 Hercules military transport planes operated by the Royal Norwegian Air Force that land at Jan Mayensfield's gravel runway. The planes fly in from Bodø Main Air Station eight times a year. Since the airport does not have any instrument landing capabilities, good visibility is required, and it is not uncommon for the planes to have to return to Bodø, two hours away, without landing. For heavy goods, freight ships visit during the summer, but since there are no harbours, the ships must anchor.  ...  Wikipedia
above: NoHigher! Political map of Greenland   -Jan Mayen island- (Norway)  below: Left: MedRes! Svalbard map    Right: HiRes! (Crop!) txu-oclc arctic region    source: The University of Texas at Austin, Libraries

above: Left: MedRes! #Iceland island - #Izland szigete   Right: HiRes! #Jan Mayen island txu-pclmaps oclc 8322829 c1  source: The University of Texas at Austin, Libraries

 above: HiRes! Soviet Cyrillic text map about Jan Mayen island   below: NoHigher! Greenland sea & Norwegian sea     bottom: NoHigher! flyjan Mayen   source: Wikipedia
Jan Mayen is a Norwegian volcanic island situated in the Arctic Ocean. It is 55 km (34 mi) long (southwest-northeast) and 373 km2 (144 sq mi) in area, partly covered by glaciers (an area of 114.2 km (71.0 mi) around the Beerenberg volcano).[dubious – discuss] It has two parts: larger northeast Nord-Jan and smaller Sør-Jan, linked by a 2.5 km (1.6 mi) wide isthmus. It lies 600 km (370 mi) northeast of Iceland (495 km (305 mi) NE of Kolbeinsey), 500 km (310 mi) east of central Greenland and 1,000 km (620 mi) west of the North Cape, Norway. The island is mountainous, the highest summit being the Beerenberg volcano in the north. The isthmus is the location of the two largest lakes of the island, Sørlaguna (South Lagoon), and Nordlaguna (North Lagoon). A third lake is called Ullerenglaguna (Ullereng Lagoon). Jan Mayen was formed by the Jan Mayen hotspot.
Although administered separately, Svalbard and Jan Mayen are collectively assigned the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code "SJ".  ...
above: HiRes! Cutaway Drawing Key    belowMedRes! C-130 cutaway drawing
aboveNoHigher! New Zealand Air Force C-130 before Actic excursion
above: NoHigher! Funny pic by Thrill
aboveLeftMedRes!  Right: HiRes!      below: NoHigher!  Lockheed C-130 "Hercules"

below: Israeli IAF's Lockheed C-130 "Hercules"  LeftMedRes!   RightHiRes!

above: Hungarian AF's paratroopers jumping outfrom C-130: LowerHiRes!  UpperMedRes! Hungarian para soldiers: Left: In Memo: 1st Lt. Hangodi András fhdgy. from MH.59. LHKE,   Right: st.stg. Molnár "Rambo" Imre ftőrm. from MH.87. Szentkirályszabadja S.A.R. Service -facebook-

aboveMedRes! Para-Jumping from C-130 all two side doors

Lockheed C-130 "Hercules" during paradropping: TopNoHigher!   belowLeftMedResRightMedRes!

aboveMedRes! USAF C-130J cargos LAV "Striker" APC

aboveNoHigher! C-130 brakeing paradrop the Combat Vehicle on plateau

aboveNoHigher! Fairchild C-123 "Provider" from late 1950's

aboveMedResUpper: Curtiss C-46 'Commando'  Downster: Fairchild C-123 'Provider'

NoHigherabove: 'Air America' C-123 inboard    below Two: C-123

aboveNoHigher! C-123 Three view drawing - Háromnézeti rajz

aboveMedRes! Fairchild C-123 'Provider' ('Air America' ?) in museum?

aboveNoHigher! De Havilland Canada DHC-4 "Caribou" (CV-2B)

aboveMedRes! Fairchild C-119 "Boxcar"
above & belowNoHigher! C-113 'Boxcar'  Bottom: Korean 1954. 

above: NoHigher! Outline profile    belowHiRes! USAF profile AH

above: NoHigher! Lucille Teasdale Corti-images wiki

aboveNoHigher! Bruxelles Aviation Museum. I had seen it 1998. during NATO meet.

aboveMedRes! in Bruxelles Military Aviation Museum. I have seen it inner too 1998. It was very interesting     below Two: NoHigher! Opened Side door.

above: NoHigher! USAF Boxcar: just jen cargo

aboveNoHigherThe similar french made Nord N-2501 "Noratlas" body as C-119's brother

aboveHiRes! USAF C-27J "Spartan" - FIAT/Aeritalia G.222 turboprop cargo    belowMedRes! At HuAFB LHKE Kecskemét  HuDF 59th. "Szentgyörgyi Dezső" TFW - Hc.Re.E.

aboveMedRes! South American paratroper

below: An-22 "Antey" Inner: LowerNoHigher!   LeftMedRes!  RightHiRes!

above & below : MedRes! Germany, 'Speyer' Technik Museum: An-22 inboard, sidewall main Entry door  photo 1. teil: Hu. Kizmus Szabolcs had.

above: HiRes! English text outline drawing An-22

aboveHiRes! An-22M profile drawing

Kizmus photos 2. Teil: above One & below Four: MedRes! An-22 in Speyer Technik Museum

above: NoHigher! Cockpit door on the second level - a Pilótafülke ajtaja az első emeleten
above: NoHigher! Marina Popovich (Spaceman Popovich's wife) testpilot in 'Antey'
aboveMedRes! 'Antey' Pin-Up  photo by: Yuri Surik  by: -
aboveNoHigher! An-22M "Antey - Antej" behemoth awakes from its winter Ekaterinburg slumber
aboveNoHigher! Face to Face to "Antey" - az "Antej"-el Szemtől Szembe.
above: NoHigher! Beriev Be-32 in Moscow
aboveNoHigher! After HA-LAD at 'Farnair-Europe' Hu. firma   source: facebook

aboveNoHigher! Let L-410UVP/UVPE in MLE - HuAF in Warsaw Pact  1980's  source: facebook: 'akik nélkül nem lehetett volna magyar repülés' csop. Bárdi László.
belowMedRes! Russia Omszk   Right: Cockpit door

aboveNoHigher! Hungarian Farnair-Europe L-410UVP   source: facebook

aboveNoHigher! Czech made Let L-410FG "Topo" HA-YFA at Hu. RSzRepülőgépes Szolgálat - Aviation Sevice's, Aerial Photographer acf.- Légifotózó gép az 1980-as évek végén katasztrófát szenvedett rácsapásból eredendően a Balatonba becsapódáskor. Nem került pótlásra.  source:

above: Juci'-bacsi's repro dia/slide-film copy coll. from early 1980's by GDR VEB 'Pentacon' PRAKTICA F.X 2 24 x 36 32cs: NoHigher! Let L-410 AF MÉM-RSz AEROFOTO

belowMedRes! Let L-410UVP in W.P. HuAF MN.93. Mixed Transport Aviation Group - Vegyes Szállító Repülőosztály - Tököl LHTL close to Budapest on Csepel island. www.repülő  LHSN

aboveNoHigher! 'Air Art Grafika': Légierő Plakát  2008 - HuAF poster.
above: NoHigher! left: ret. para.St.Sgt. Szőllősi János ny. eje. ftőrm. former SAR para specialis - LKM-eje. Légi Kutató-Mentő ejtőernyős at HDF MH.87. 'Bakony' Harcihelikopter Ezred - Combat Helicopter Regiment at Szentkirályszabadja LHSA "Vitorlás" - "Sail" at Hungary, lake Balaton Siófok-Kiliti LHSK parachute club/firma
aboveHiRes Female parateam  photo: Chuyko Alexey  source: G+ Bányiczki Z.
aboveHiRes! Paradropper L-410
aboveMedRes! Unique pic: After Egom-'Kenyérmező' - 'Breadfield' airfield TO this Let L-410 HA-LAD over Hu. Esztergom (Left)  & Danube-river, opposit Styrovo - Párkány N.West Hungary not to far Bup.  during Stall after Spining dive Spiral - Átesésben majd Dugóhúzóban    source: Para-cameraman ?: ... ...
During paradropping stalled the L-410 after fall to descending spiral/spinning dive. The flaps was out. The paras suddenly get out from acf. After succesed correction and normal landing. Injured wan't. photo: Marcel Fritschi swiss paraman.
L 410 stall
L 410 aircraft stalls as skydivers exit the plane over Esztergom ,Hungary in the mid 1990s.
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aboveMedRes! LHBP TMA - Terminal control Area - Bup. 'FerihegyKözlekörzet & CTR - Control Tower Region - Torony Irányító Körzet (Esztergom)
Hu. text: 410 Turbolet a Let Kunovice csehszlovák repülőgépgyártó vállalat által kifejlesztett 19 személyes, két légcsavaros gázturbinával felszerelt, felsőszárnyas utasszállító repülőgép. Az 1969-es első felszállása óta 1138 darabot gyártottak belőle, továbbfejlesztéseivel, modernizálásával meglehetősen közkedvelté vált az idők folyamán. Személy- és teherszállításra egyaránt alkalmazzák polgári és katonai üzemeltetők.
Slovak text: L-410 Turbolet je dvomotorno visokokrilno lahko transportno/potniško letalo. Letalo izdelujejo vtovarni Let Kunovice v Kunovicah na Češkem.
above & belowMedRes! L-410 'Repülőgépes Szolgálat' (RSz) - 'Air Service' HA-LAB at Budapest - BudaőrsLHBS 1990's   source: facebook: Avia Hu Retro

belowHiRes! Three view drawings about L-410
aboveNoHigher! AEROSVIT Ukraine

aboveNoHigher! Famous czech modélká Marketa Belonoha's ankle  (Crop!)

aboveNoHigher! US Navy's COD (Carrier Onboard Delivery) Grumman C-2A "Greyhund"
E-2C, C2:

aboveNoHigher! photomodel Jordan Carver  geoid dome sexytante specialist by

above: Juci'bacsi's coll.: NoHigher! Swedish SAAB 340 "Erieye" AEW turboprop

aboveNoHigher!  Fairchild-Swearingen 'Metroliner' AEW

aboveMedRes! Lockheed P-3C "Orion" Navy Patrol & ASW - Anti Sub Warfare four turboprop land-base acf. on old timer  Lockheed "Electra" airliner base - Járőr és Tengeralattjáró Elleni Hadvis./Vadász.

aboveMedRes! NAVY P-3 Side view graphic     below: HiRes! P-3 Emergency EXIT.

aboveHiRes! Japanese text: P-3C ASW cutaway X-Ray drawing.
above: NoHigher! Lockheed L.188C PH-LLK KLM MAN 23.12.1963.

aboveNoHigher! Lockheed-Electra Boarding an American

aboveMedRes! Before departure: KLM - Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij -Royal Dutch Airlines- -Holland Királyi Légitársaság-, Netherland: Lockheed "Electra" at LHBP "Ferihegy" Hu. Football branch  Hu. text: a Magyar válogatott beszállása: Fentről: Solymosi Ernő-ballonkabáttal, Sárosi László, Dalnoki Jenő, Göröcs János, Sándor Károly  source:

above & belowMedRes! Hu. Text: 1961 április 28-a a Hollandia elleni 3:0 VB selejtezőre induló magyarcsapat: Fentről: Bundzsák Dezső, Grosics Gyula, Tichy Lajos, Sipos Ferenc, Solymosi Ernő, Sárosi László, Dalnoki Jenő

aboveHuText: Budapest XVIII. Ferihegyi repülőtér, a magyar labdarúgó válogatott indulás előtt. Nagy István, ?, Fenyvesi Máté. Albert Flórián, ? Sóvári Kálmán, ?, Göröcs János, ?, Sándor Károly, Barcs Sándor MLSZ elnök, Sipos Ferenc, Kotász Antal, ?, Mátrai Sándor, Solymosi Ernő, Grosics Gyula, Baróti Lajos szövetségi kapitány, Dalnoki Jenő, ?.
Kotász és Mészöly között takarva talán Szentmihályi Antal, a jobb szélen talán Mathesz Imre.

aboveNoHigher! Assembly model

above: NoHigher! Juci'bacsi's collect: L. 'Electra' on 'Ferihegy' and Hu.  Ikarusz Ik-55 MALÉV bus
above: NoHigher! Vickers 'Vanguard' in CAL - Canada Air Lines 
HiResabove: Cutaway of 'Vanguard by: FLIGHT magazine 1959.   below: BEA 'Vanguard'

upperMedResaboveHiRes! Vickers 953C "Vanguard" Merchantman "Superb"  below:  cargo

above: MedRes! BEA model

aboveHiRes! Bristol 'Brittania' RAF(Royal Air Force) Transport Command "Regulus" XM496

aboveMedRes! Bulgarian BULAIR Ilyushin IL-18V LZ-BER   
above: NoHigher! on Flughafen: MALÉV IL-18V HA-MOI in 1971. 08. by: Kjell Nilsson      below: MedRes! MALÉV

above & below Three: MedRes! MALÉV HA-MOE Il-18 in Győr as a  Restaurant & Espresso.    below: Passengers' Emeggency EXIT Window-door and rear service door

aboveNoHigher! MALÉV's passengers at LHBP between Hu. Border Guards - Határőrök között szállnak ki a MALÉV utasok az IL-18-ból late 1960's   source: "Artycsóka'''s PPS
above: MedRes! Juci'bacsi's collection: from "Szülőföldünk Budapest" Tankönyvkiadó 1965.? also Courtesy FREE!  MALÉV IL-18V HA-MOA tail and Deutsche Lufthansa's IL-14 on LHBP 'Ferihegy' IAP appron    below: NoHigher! HA-MOA on LHBP
belowLeftMedRes!   RightMedRes! MALÉV IL-18  Catering uploading on board.

aboveNoHigher! People republic covered goverment military Export to Iraq Hungarian: The Hu.made by  MOM - Magyar Optikai Művek - Hungarian Optical Works - Ungarische Optische Werke -Budapest-: ADA - Air Defense Artillery DJa-6 - DYa-6 3 m base Optical Stereo Rangefinder (Однометровый зенитный стереодальномер ДЯ-6) middle section in tin box for licenced Hu. made DiGép - Diósgyőri Gépgyár -Miskolc- Sz-60 ADA macine cannon batteryies, in to MALÉV HA-MOI cargo IL-18V in late 1960's or early 1970's during Arab - Israeli conflict. The Blogger text.

MOM optics:

aboveNoHigherAEROFLOT's Stewardess "Tunyca"  
aboveNoHigher! Wrecked IL-18 for Fire Fighting & AT Commando Exercise
above: NoHigher! Ferihegy's appron: MALÉV's Il-18 and IL-14
NoHigher! above: AEROFLOT IL-18 and Tu-104s    below view drawing
aboveHiRes! IL-18 multiview drawing   
NoHigher! AEROFLOT: above: Catering supporting   below: On Moskva Vnukovo airport 1965.
aboveMedRes! Polish AF V.I.P. model     below: NoHigher! Moldavian IL-18
 NoHigher! above: IL-20 ELINT     below: IL-38 ASW and bottom it's entry door behind radom

above: NoHigher! VMF IL-38 NATO code name "May" before departure with Heater air-duct to cabin

above: MedRes! IL-38 underview - alulnézet
aboveMedRes! IL-38 Under hatch/door - Alsó beszálló nyílás/ajtó, csapóajtó
above: HiRes! "Radome Girl": Jessi June with sensitive search radar wollen domes   source:
above: MedRes! IL-38 model
aboveHiRes! RAF's A400M     belowMedRes! Airbus A400M Military cutaway drawing key
aboveJuci'bacsi's repro slide/diafilm copy coll.: MedRes! Shorts-360 C-23 "Sherpa"
The Short 360 (also SD3-60; also Shorts 360) is a commuter aircraft that was built by British manufacturer Short Brothers during the 1980s. The Short 360 seats up to 39 passengers and was introduced into service in November 1982. It is a larger version of the Short 330. It is also affectionately known in aviation circles as "The Shed". ...

aboveNoHigher! 'Sky-Europe' Brazilian 'Embraer' "Legacy"-600
above: NoHigher! DASH-8 in process - gyártásban

aboveMedRes! "She had call the helping service to door - Ő hívta az ajtóhoz a segítő szerelőket": In this production photo from 2001.  Stanley Kubrick's film"A Space Odyssey-2001", a space stewardess is seen elegantly using a portable videophone.

 above & below Two: Bombardier Q400 NoHigher! IATA - MALÉV - Magyar giközlekedési Vállalat

MALÉV Bombardier Q400 crew

aboveMedRes! Canadian Bombardier DASH-8-Q400 with classic MALÉV paint
above: NoHigher! Tyrolean  Austrian Airlines 
above: MedRes! Swedish SAAB-2000 regional prop from  SWISS      below: MedRes! S-2000s

above: NoHigher! SAAB-2000 layout - ülésrend

aboveNoHigher! Spanish CASA C-295 with Hu. officer.
Es. text: El CASA C-295 es un avión de transporte táctico medio que fue diseñado por la compañía española CASA en los años 1990 como un desarrollo del CASA-Nurtanio CN-235. A partir del año 2000, con la incorporación de CASA al grupo aeronáutico europeo EADS, el avión pasó a ser designado EADS CASA C-295. Realizó suprimer vuelo el 28 de noviembre de 1997 y entró en servicio con el Ejército del Aire de España en 2001.1
El C-295 es capaz de realizar gran variedad de misiones de manera efectiva: transporte táctico y logístico, lanzamiento de paracaidistas y de cargas, evacuación médica, 4 y también dispone de una versión de patrulla marítima denominada C-295 Persuader.5 Dado el fracaso de su hermano menor en el segmento de la aviación comercial, no se ha lanzado una versión comercial de este avión, aunque sí ha obtenido la certificación civil para poder ser empleado por agencias gubernamentales.6
Su designación como C-295 sigue el esquema de los aviones diseñados por CASA, con la C inicial del fabricante y a continuación un número de tres dígitos, de los que el primero indica el número de motores, dos en este caso, habiéndose elegido aquí los dos siguientes por la carga útil que se planteó como objetivo: 9,5 toneladas.
Ha sido adquirido por diversos países además de España, entre los que destacan Egipto, Polonia, Brasil, México y Portugal por número de aeronaves adquiridas, y ha participado en numerosas operaciones internacionales, entre las que destacan las misiones en la antigua Yugoslavia, Afganistán, Irak, Líbano y Chad. ...
above: HiRes! Spanish CASA CN-235  source:   below: MedRes! ItAF
above: NoHigher! HuAF Antonov An-24 in LHSN Szolnok a bezárt HM.HIM Repülőmúzeum -  abandoned Aviation Museum  source: Hu. collector, Temesvári archív/facebook

above: NoHigher! Upper Mid Two: MedRes! An-24 Passanger Emergency Exit door

above: Left: MedRes! An-24RT  Right: MedRes! An-24 sizes and chema   below: NoHigher! An-24V
aboveMedRes! An-24V in Omszk school-kindergarden

above: Juci'bacsi's photo: HiRes! HuAF An-24V in LHSN Szolnok Aviation Museum

aboveMedRes! Antonov An-24V & Let L-410UVP V.I.P. transport in HuAF 1980's at Tököl airfield   source:

aboveMedRes! W.P. HuAF - MLE An-26 V.I.P. transport 1980's  source: facebook Buci'bá
above & below: NoHigher! Walkaround photos An-26V  by:

below: LeftMedRes! Omszk An-24V cockpit door   RightMedRes! An-26SH rear ramp

aboveMedRes! An-24V Crew emergency door    below: NoHigher!
below Two: MedRes! Side Emergency Exit door with window

above Three! Upper LeftMedResRightHiRes!  LowerNoHigher! HuAF An-26

above Two: MedRes! Rear Entry door
above: MedRes! An-24 Tayga Technics - Tajga Tehnika
aboveHiRes! Antonov An-26 at HuAF HuMoD's LHSN Szolnok Aviation - Repülő Múzeum
belowMerdRes! An-26 Hungarian 'City-Line' HA-DSC

aboveMedRes! Juci'bacsi's 'Air Art Grafika' HuAF Poster 2008. An-24V

 aboveMedRes! An-24V Airframe     belowMedRes! An-24 komponovka

aboveMedRes! Load site An-26     belowHiRes! An-26 details drawing

aboveHiRes! Russian VVS An-26 bn 22 BMF Ostafhevo AFB 2005.

aboveMedRes! -facebook- HuAF An-26 'Ancsa-II.' / "Ordító Egér-I:" - "Shouting Mouse"    belowNoHigher! 2008.

aboveHiRes! MN1936 W.P. HuAf's MN. 89th. Cargo Aviation squadron - MN 89. szre.szd.: A CSRP szemlélő Szabó "Hörcsög" József és Kothencz János /1.repülőgép vezető/ alezredesek búcsú repülése nyugdíjazásukkor Szolnokon. Nem mindenkit ismerek meg a képről. Mónus Ferenc, Magyar "Tunya" János, ? Domoszlai Géza, Bakó "Bökő" István, Zsemberi Károly, Szabó "Hörcsög" József, Holler János, Tóth Karcsi, Bartus Sanyi, Kothencz János, ?Csankó Miklós, Hóbor Tibi, Bálint "Kékorrú" István, Ligeti Józsi, Petrovics Pál, Kalmár Gabi. 
 source: facebook: ret. avn.WO2 Horváth "Buci'bácsi" István nyá.rep.zls. fed.Rád & Szu-22M3 special Mechanic: Hűen az eskühöz, hűen a zászlóhoz, hűen a hazához! csoport
above: MedRes!  An-26 rampa HDF Szolnok LHSN
aboveMedRes! Hu. HDF's Major Kamondi Attila őrgy. in Lithuana 2105
belowLeftHiRes! An-26 HuAF MH.59. Kecskemét LHKE - Right MedRes! Sqn.cmdr. Lt.Col. Jenei Barna alez.  at 'Air Tattoo' Fairford 2015.
above: MedRes!  An-26 saloon version V.I.P. cabin
aboveNoHigher! HuPA (W.P.)  An-26 V.I.P.  Stock János altbgy?

aboveMedRes! Hu. Mixed Avn. Group - MH.93. 'Vitéz Háry László' Vegyes Repülőosztály Tököl-Bup LHTL: Mogyorósy "Mogyoró"Attila alez. opk. mellette Dr. Szabó István HM (KGP) 1990

aboveNoHigher! HuAF Gripen pilots from HuAF 59th TFW:Left: Maj. Kádár Sándor őrgy.  Right: Capt. Langó Viktor szds. beside HuAF's An-26 "Cook" on "Air Tattoo" Fairford 2013.
SAAB JAS-39 Gripen:

aboveHiRes! HuAF
above: NoHigher! Ukrainan 'Meridian' An-26  UR-MDA in 2009. May 8.
above: NoHigher! Russian An-30
above: HiRes! Serie An-32  3 view

aboveNoHigher! Juci'bacsi's scan coll.: IL-76 door & High Alt. Engine An-32 AEROFLOT advert issue early 1980's
NoHigher! above: ATR 72-600  by: A Fly Guy's Crew Longue   below: Air Baltic: Alesya

aboveNoHigher! #Steampunk aerodinamics  teardrop shape car   

 belowNoHigher! Stark Industries